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Client Testimonials

"The Employee Absence Notification system is a system being adopted by the BC Health Authorities to standardize the way in which employees identify an absence from work. The capabilities of this automated system ensures employees are connected to their immediate supervisor/manager to verify an absence. This ensures the right people are being notified at the time of the call. The email notification provides a mechanism to communicate the absence to a number of people immediately, allowing departments to prepare for the absence and staff accordingly. Our experience with the staff at engenic has been exceptional and we do not hesitate to recommend them or their product."

- Terri Jonuk, WHS Manager, Northern and Interior Health

"First week of deployment, in one unit, no one called in sick, which has never happened before."

"We put the system in place to find out who has met the criteria to refer to our Early Intervention Program in a timely manner. Prior to implementation, our referrals were on average 34 days from eligibility. With the call system, the referral is now within 1 day of meeting eligibility."

"The system enabled us to quickly add in additional prompting and reports when dealing with the H1N1 issues. We are also monitoring on a daily basis for any clusters of sick calls as an early warning for outbreaks."

- Catherine Kidd, VCH
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"The Employee Absence Notification system has standardized the way in which Fraser Health Authority employees identify an absence from work."

"Connecting employees to their immediate supervisor/manager to report an absence, the right people are being notified at the time of the call."

"EAN provides the tools for the Fraser Health Workplace Health department to quickly identify those employees with extended medical absences."

"An employee can be offered early intervention services quicker than relying on payroll reports."

"Prior to this system, absence information was not always passed along to the appropriate people in a timely manner."

- Linda Emes, FHA EARL Coordinator

"The StaffRelay Employee Absence Notification System, referred to by Vancouver Coastal Health as AbsenceCall, has been a critical enabler of our early intervention disability management program. Due to the nature of the software, the data, and notifications provided, we have been able to save millions of dollars annually on long term disability costs. The customer service provided by engenic has been unequalled. I do not hesitate to recommend this."

- Catherine Fast, Executive Director, Workplace Health, Vancouver Coastal Health

"Fraser Health uses the EAN to provide "one-call" Absence Reporting. It works seamlessly across 30,000 employees and provides us with a one-stop solution for absence reporting. The data we get from the system is invaluable as well to our efforts to improve the health of our employees."

- Dave Keen, FHA
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