StaffRelay provides employers with the means to automate several Human Resource processes. In addition to providing our flagship products: Employee Absence Notification (E.A.N.), Personnel Replacement, and Worker Safety, StaffRelay provides additional solutions designed to meet your unique business processes.

Other StaffRelay Products and Services

Vacations Scheduling

Accessible from anywhere, our web Vacations Scheduling interface provides access for employees to view their available vacation days and their remaining allotments.

Manage large scale vacation campaigns by advising selected departmental employees that the vacation selection process has commenced, and provide probability indicators on the likelihood requests maybe approved or denied based on business rules and seniority levels.

StaffRelay Contract Dialer calls workers to fill openings

Contract Dialer

Use StaffRelay's Contract Dialer to mass call a list of potential workers when needed to fill in for multiple openings.

An ideal solution for seasonal workers or emergency personnel situations.

StaffRelay consultation and design services range from creating employee programs, marketing materials to customized voice and web applications
Consultation and Design

Not sure where to start? We provide consultation for the creation of employee programs, literature, and marketing materials.

Looking for something unique? We provide customization and design of voice and web applications to fit your unique business environment.

Applications can "talk" to each other! Our highly-trained developers can provide integration to application data environments to remove redundant tasks.

But it can be "yours"! We offer logo, name, and branding (white labeling) to ensure your employees feel right at home.

Benefits of using StaffRelay