StaffRelay Products

StaffRelay products are human resource solutions which provide an easy and secure way to manage absences, replace personnel for an absence, and ensure a worker's safety.

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Main Products
fully automated system

Employee Absence Notification handles employee absences. It provides a web interface, allowing you to determine with a glance which employees are absent and why.

fully automated system

Personnel Replacement replaces an absent worker with another having the same skillset.


Worker Safety is a real-time, alert monitoring system, which enables a field worker to use the phone to create safety sessions and interact with it.

Other Products

Vacations Scheduling - Vacations Scheduling provides access for employees to view their available vacation days and their remaining allotments.

Contract Dialer mass calls a list of potential workers when multiple openings needs to be filled, perfect solution for emergency personnel situations or seasonal workers.

Consultation and Design - We provide customization and design of voice and web applications to fit your business need, such as creation of employee programs, literature , and marketing materials.

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