StaffRelay provides a fully automated way for businesses to handle their Human Resource communications, freeing up staff's time. StaffRelay's fully customizable solutions increase the efficiency of your human resource processes while relieving staff to perform other duties that cannot be automated.

StaffRelay is a web and telephone interfaced Human Resources (HR) solution, which automates the process of reporting employee absences.

"This system has been a critical enabler of our early intervention disability management program enabling us to save millions on long term disability. The customer service provided by engenic has been unequalled. I do not hesitate to recommend this."

- Catherine Fast , Executive Director, Workplace Health, Vancouver Coastal Health

Executive Human Resources

StaffRelay Employee Absence Notification is a one-number solution that simplifies the report of an employee absence

Employee Absence Notification (EAN)

EAN removes complexity, confusion and delays surrounding absence reporting and absence notifications.

Our one-number solution fully automates the process of reporting employee absences. It is easy to use, and as accessible as the nearest telephone.

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StaffRelay Personnel Replacement automates the task of calling a qualified candidate to fill a shift

Personnel Replacement

Do you often spend hours searching for employees to cover a critical position or open shift? Search no further.

Using our Personnel Replacement application, we fully automate the task of finding a qualified candidate and call them without you ever having to pick up a phone!

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StaffRelay worker safety monitors the safety of workers

Worker Safety

Concerned about the safety of employees who work off site or in remote areas?

Worker Safety is a real-time solution that enables employees to use their telephone to create safety sessions and interact with an alert monitoring system.

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Other StaffRelay Applications and Services

Looking for additional solutions and services by StaffRelay?

  • Vacations Scheduling
  • Contract Dialer
  • Consultation (employee programs, literature, marketing materials)
  • Co-Branded or White-Labeled Solutions
  • Custom Web Development
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