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Employee Absence Notification for HealthCare

StaffRelay‘s Employee Absence Notification (EAN) has been deployed in HealthCare organizations to aid in the reduction of costs associated with employee absences.

EAN removes complexity, confusion and delays surrounding absence reporting. It is a fully automated solution designed to automate the process of recording and reporting employee absences. It is easy to use, and as accessible as the nearest telephone. EAN is a fully automated one-number solution designed to ensure employees who are working at temporary or casual positions always know who to call.

With our real-time absence notifications and on-demand reporting, our HealthCare clients have saved millions of dollars annually on costs directly associated with disability and absence management.

Did you know?

“The most workdays missed annually are by those in HealthCare.”

Stats Canada
“After 6 months of continued absence, 50% of employees never return to employment.”
Ontario Medical Association

“After 1 year of continued absence, 97% of employees never return to employment.”

Ontario Medical Association

“WSIB / WCB / WSBC and other sick leave costs have increased and now account for 8% – 10% of payroll.”

Statistics Canada's 2005 Workplace and Employee Survey (WES)

Why use EAN for HealthCare?

Reduce Costs
Reduce costs associated with absences by providing an early and effective return-to-work strategy.

No live operators required! Compare $5 per absence call with live operators with $0.16 per absence call using EAN’s fully automated process!

Reduce Liability

Meet minimum staffing levels by using our instant notifications to advise you of open shifts.

One-Number Approach

By deploying a one-number approach, we are able to capture every absence affecting your HealthCare organization. This one-number approach is highly useful for removing any confusion for temporary and casually-staffed employees.

On-Demand Symptom Updates

Using EAN, you can update on-the-fly symptom prompts to capture information immediately and directly from the source.

Recognize a pandemic while it’s occurring, and take proactive steps to stop the spread and protect your patients and employees.

Complete Telephony and Live Call Center Automation

EAN provides an integrated approach to handling absence calls using our automated telephony interface in conjunction with our live call center service, thereby removing expensive live call center requirements.

Data Integration for Instant Notifications

Using your company data, received through secure transmission, EAN will match the employee’s ID, job, location and site to the corresponding manager, department, and supervisor for real-time absence notifications.

EAN sends notifications to your Workplace Safety, EIP, EAP and Occupational Health when an incident or absence threshold is reached.

Advanced Security

StaffRelay servers stores data securely and in Canada
Our servers are kept in advanced, secure hosting facilities. Access to our servers is secure and encrypted to prevent any unauthorized access.

All data is kept in Canada for complete compliancy of FIOPPA.

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